This is very small !

I made them by myself




便多做了幾個給喜歡它們的人 : )

@wei723 来看!!

im also upset that The Maze Runner movie isnt released in the uk until 10th of October this needs to be remedied

No one should feel like absolute shit maybe try talking to them about it and tell them it's too much?


I have and they’re forcing me to go in tomorrow after work and “clarify the situation” and fucking sign back on im going to fucking shoot myself

That sounds terrible I'm so sorry can't do much from here but *electronic huuug*


Its just so shit because I have a job, i have an income, it’s not anything to sing and dance about but its enough i dont need job seekers, i mean it would be nice to have that extra bit of money (if i kept it) but i dont get to keep it nor do i want the fucking stress, hassle and generally feeling shit about myself all the time to get it

im sick of the shit i keep getting put through when it isnt my fucking choice

I didn’t go to the job centre today because I wanted to stop feeling like shit so often and my family are pissing all over me making me feel even more shit for it
"what if you don’t get any hours at work, you cant claim again for 6 months"
now i’m being forced to go in tomorrow and sort it out and claim again for fucks sake
they’re prizing money I don’t need over my mental stability
that’s not what’s best for me
stressing me out for fucking money
they’re not doing it for my best interests they’re doing it so they’re guaranteed their rent
cuz that’s where all my jobseekers money goes
their pockets